A long weekend away in Scotland and our engagement.

Last weekend me and Zac took a trip to Scotland with some of our friends, I took my new Sony A6000 and decided to make a little video of our trip. Little did I know how important this video would be. On the Friday we took a trip to Culzean Castle we walked along the beach, then through a forest and past a lake to get to this castle, we must of walked over 3 hours. I was constantly filming as I haven't had much chance to experiment with my Sony and it was such a scenic location. On the way back from the castle I was as usual always way behind everyone else taking videos and photographs. Zac had mentioned if we started walking back now we would get to see the sun go down on the beach and his timings were perfect. The girls were walking way ahead of us I think we were all so tired they were desperate to get to the car and to get some food. Zac suggested we head more towards the sea as we walked back, I filmed my last clip that day of me grabbing his hand on the beach. I turned my camera off blissfully unaware that he was about to get down on one knee. Non of the girls knew so it was a big surprise for them all too they turned around just in time, as they were wondering where we were. 

Here is a short video I made of our trip along with some photos , I am so glad that I filmed this weekend and will forever be able to watch back our engagement weekend.