2016 a new year and fresh start, although I wouldn't quite call it a fresh start. 2015 was an amazing first year as an official business and we weren't quite expecting to be as busy as we have been. We are so excited for the busy new year ahead and the couples we will meet! We want to thank the couples that picked us to be part of their day which lead to filming some wonderful weddings and meeting some lovely people. Here's a short video that really captures our 2015.

2016 for us isn't a fresh start or new beginning, its our second year as a business with many exciting opportunities ahead. However we have set ourselves a few goals for the business which we hope to achieve, one of them being to start a blog, so here I am writing our first blog post! You can look forward to many more post's on the weddings we film and the couples we meet as well as a bit more about us and our travels. I hope you all enjoyed 2015 as much as we did.


Olivia and Zac xx