I have always been a passionate film maker I can remember from the age of 7 when I got my hands on the family film camera, I would make home movies and documentaries and then as I got older I used my dad's webcam to make music videos with my friends. Finally I was bought my very first camera, it was even HD I was about age 11, I then continued with music videos even dramas and had my own youtube channel. I have always been the creative type and I went on to study Film, TV and Photography continuing my love of film making.

I love the fact I get to turn couple's special day's into a film! I love every bit of my job from the meeting with the couples to hear there stories, to the actual day and then my favourite part the post production, where I get to tell the story so everyone can relive the day or feel like they were there if they couldn't be. Working in the wedding industry kind of makes you wedding mad you start to dream think and speak about weddings, but I don't think I could ever get sick of weddings something about them is so magical and I want everyone to feel that to. 



Zac is also creatively influenced and a bit of a nerd, he will kill me for writing that. He loves all things computers, camera's and gadgets and not to mention cars! (Drives me mad) He studied graphic design and is very visually creative, we work really well together and buzz of each other's creativity and passion. He is very good at capturing the little details during the day and will pick up on things I don't always see so when it comes to editing I have two pairs of eyes to pick from. He is really good with a camera and often takes most of the photos for our website, Instagram and Facebook we both also love photography but he has a good eye for photos and capturing moments.



We make Tea4twofilms, Husband & Wife and Videographers!

Some of the things we love are Gin, Food (especially Pizza,Mexican and Doughnuts), Music and Films!